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Fox Den Sauna

Humidity 100% I Temperature 42-44˚C I Duration 10-20 minutes Positively enhances mental health wellness and boosts immune system

Royal Golden Armchair

Using a 24 carat Gold Armchair once owned by Alexander the Great to promote the body’s regeneration process at a temperature of 42˚C

Warm Foot Bath

Using an array of natural ingredients such as roses, lavender, vanilla, grapefruit and chocolate as well as wine to remove fatigue in the lower limbs and improve blood circulation

Ice Hill

The cold water cave is ideal after using a sauna where soaking in ice stimulates the entire body and improves blood circulation


Recommended after a sauna visit to further relaxation, this room is equipped with heated stone chairs combined with an ethereal ambiance to remove physical and emotional stress

Herbal Sauna

Humidity 55-60% I Temperature 45-55 ˚C I Duration 15 minutes Using various pungent herbal aromas targeted to cleanse and improve the respiratory system in the body

Roman Sauna

Humidity 100% I Temperature 42-44 ˚C I Duration 10-25 minutes Like in Hellenic times using floral scents and aromas, this treatment is targeted at firming the skin and improving its density and elasticity for a young fresh look

Finnish Sauna

Humidity 40% I Temperature 100 ˚C I Duration 10 minutes Using dry sauna combined with the highest temperatures to target weight loss, reduction of cellulite & stimulate blood circulation throughout the entire body.

Infra-Red Sauna

Humidity 32-38% I Temperature 45-50 ˚C I Duration 10-20 minutes Heats the body between 3-5mm depth to moisturize the skin as well as heal spinal and skeletal injuries

Salt Steam Sauna

Humidity 100% I Temperature 45˚C I Duration 15 minutes Enriches the body with iodine whilst cleanses & peels the skin flushing out unwanted toxins from the body